2018-19 Fees & Payment Schedule

$500      Dual season teams  plus cost of uniforms 

$400      Single season teams  plus cost of uniforms 

2018-19 Fees and payments

$20 Tryout fee

$100 Upon acceptance payable at 1st team meeting

Payments are due by the end of each month to coach/team manager or player's card will be pulled until a payment can be received!

Total balance due by 12-1-18 for:

U10G, U11G, U12G, U13G, U14G, U15G, U16G, U17G, U18G

U10B, U11B, U12B, U13B, U14B

Total balance due by 3-7-18 for:     

U15B, U16B, U17B, U18B, U19B