2016-17 CCSC Tryout results

Important – Please Read


Thank you to everyone who came to tryouts.  In our effort to create teams for competitive soccer, CCSC staff looks at an individual player’s skill level AND team level of play (challenge, Classic II, Classic I).  We are a small club and can only make teams according to player availability and skill levels.  We strive to match players to proper teams to ensure correct competitive play that will allow players to grow and become successful in the upcoming year.    

  • If you did not make a team, please do not stop playing soccer.  We commend you for trying out and recommend you keep working on your skills in order to grow in our YMCA REC program and school.  Continue your love of the sport. Please try out with us again next year.


  • If you made a team, you should expect contact from your coach soon regarding your initial team meeting.  Please know that your acceptance fee will be due then.  If you are a new competitive player to our club, please bring a copy of your birth certificate to this meeting. 


CCSC Girls Rosters 2016-17

05 Girls Crush

Brian Gaines

02 Girls Force

Sal Ramon

99 Girls

Brian Gaines

98 Lady Pumas

Zack Brown

K. Gaines

K. Gaines

R. Hevner

L. Griffin


M. Walker



C. Scarlett

T. Moody

A. Cugino

K. Cox

E. Valencia Garcia

G. Latham

K. Ferguson

E. Martinez Lopez

M. Lowe

E. Jaimes

K. Dominguez

L. Corona

L. Otero Corona

E. Blalock

A. Sato Bravo

G. Avalos Castro

L. Patterson

K. Driver

E. Ramon

T. Ray

B Raya

M. Lewis

D. Roth

S. Roth

K. Winslow

C. Lee

L. Ness

E. Delgado

E. Remsburg

M. Hall

K. Marley

S. McLanahan

K. Langley

K. Gaines

C Kopf

K. Westhoff

J. Santos

H. Lopez

C. Douglas

M. Nardali

G. Jarrell

S. Byrd

K. Key

K. Miller

D. Hernandez

A. Gallegas

S. Teague

A. Dunn

H. Bertrand



CCSC Boys Rosters 

04 Panthers

Andres Parroquin

02 1st Division

Perry Kyle

02 Boys    

2nd Division


01 Rage

2nd Division

Ty Clodfelter

01 Outlaws

1st Division

Brian Bagley

Jor. Perez
Jon. Perez
C. Parroquin
C. Calderon
M. Alvarez
M . Adams
N. Alvarez
C. Ortiz
D. Gutierrez
T. Perez
A. Canela
J. Hatchert

Coming Soon!

Please check back!


A. Mondragon


S. Miller

I. Miller

R. Carrizales

L. Castro

C. Corona

K. Vang

J. Phitmixay

K. Cox

K. Salama

M. Rouse

B. Garcia

B. Vazquez

A. Carvajal

R. Salinas

N. Coltrane

N. Hanneman

R. Smith

J. Clodfelter

L. Dominguez

C. Garrison

E. Foster

Z. Auman

C. Hepner

C. Short

O. York

T. Bravo

L. Somero

I. Martinez

J. Williams

M. Poplin

O. Aboutaleb

A. Adames

S. Bagley

S. Baldwin

A. Mercado Barrios

Y. Cuadros

J. Cernava

J. Edminsten

K. Gann

U. Gutierrez

J. Guzman

T. Johnson

H. Martin

J. Mendez

Z. Queen

J. Perez Tinoco

K. Mowers


00 Boys

Bryan Moody

L. Ramirez

A. Baines

B. Adams

M. Moody

C. Trivette

N. Solorzano

M. Ruiz Perez

E. Parroquin

J. Garcia

H. Mederos

D. Otero Corona

A. Perez

B. Perez

E. Andrade

I. Ramirez

D. Gonzalez

E. Bernal

D. Floyd

If your name is listed you will be receiving a call from your coach soon regarding team meetings. Thank you to everyone who tried out.