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Stoke City Potters
Stoke City Partnership

CCSC is pleased to announce a new partnership with Stoke City FC of the English Premier League.  Stoke City is the 2nd oldest professional football club in the world and the oldest in England.  They are based in Stoke-on-Trent.  The Soke-on-Trent area is known for its pottery industry, and as a result the club has earned the nickname "The Potters".  Which is a perfect fit since many of our home games are played in Seagrove, the pottery capital of the Southeast.


Club President, Brian Gaines said “We are excited to wear the Stoke City patch on our jersey and we look forward to where this opportunity will take us. This partnership will significantly help us in our club’s development, and it is exciting to think that we will have actual Stoke City coaches working with both players and coaches in the near future!”

This partnership with Stoke City will involve a yearly camp to take place during the summer months that will be overseen and directed by actual Stoke City FC coaches from within their organization.  This is an incredible opportunity for all members of our club to recieve training from world class coaches.  Stoke City will also be providing camps for coaches only to help improve our philosophy and direction of the club.

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